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December 6, 2009

Roll Around Heaven All Day

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“The public has greatly over-estimated the possibilities of the aeroplane, imagining that in another generation they will be able to fly over to London in a day.This is manifestly impossible.”

William Pickering, Harvard University astronomy professor, 1908.

Broken Computer

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I pulled my headphones out of my Macbook the other day and the red light from inside the headphone jack turned on (it’s the digital headphone out for when you have the laptop plugged in via sp/dif). I took it to the Apple store and the verdict was a motherboard replacement. There was one component bad on the motherboard, but since they’re monolithic, if something goes wrong you have to just replace the whole board. It’s still within warranty (for another 55 days), so the repair was free, but it would have been $600 otherwise.

They took the laptop overnight and gave me a new motherboard, plus a new faceplate (which was cracked), and a new keyboard, touchpad, and button. Not bad for a warranty repair. I think I’m going to pay the $250 for 2 more years of AppleCare in case this happens in the future. Hate to do it, but I want the computer to last a while.


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Dinner tonight: Homemade brie-stuffed-crust artisan pizza with fresh basil, italian chicken sausage, fresh mozzarella, and roma tomatoes with a pear and walnut mixed green salad, and a wonderful bottle of Chalone Vineyards pinot noir. Life is good.

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