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December 10, 2009

Make: Learning Electronics

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The book I must own:

Many of us at Maker Media have had an interaction that goes something like this: You’re at a talk, Maker Faire, or elsewhere, and someone spirits you aside, like they’re going to confess to a petty crime or some marital indiscretion. What they want to whisper sheepishly into your ear is that they love MAKE, all of the excitement they see over open source electronics, and the cool kits we sell in the Maker Shed, but they have NO IDEA how electronics work, and the “beginner” books and resources they look at online zoom quickly over their heads and frustrate their efforts to learn. Ultimately, they find themselves too embarrassed to admit their lack of high-tech smarts or to ask questions (which is why they’ve taken you behind a dumpster to confess their ignorance).

I’m one of these folks. I really want to learn electronics, and have spent the better part of a decade getting a handle on the basics, but the self-taught thing never worked for me when it came to wires and resistors, which is odd, because I’ve taught myself a lot of other skills. For whatever reason, thought, electronics has never stuck. I’m hoping that when this book (eventually) comes out, it’ll finally get me over that hump.

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