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February 3, 2010

Rep Rap Mini Documentary

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Sing Stats

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It’s done! After months of work, I’ve finally finished all of the music for my part of Sing 2010- the arranging, recording, charting, and assembling is complete and the show fills an entire legal sized box. I just spent a day and a half assembling all 600 pages of music into musician folders (which takes that long because each card stock page has to be hole punched, taped, or cut so it’ll fold and fit into the folder so the musicians aren’t wrestling with loose pages during the show). I’ve also recorded and mastered the 59 minutes of music track that’ll be underneath the live band on the necessary songs. Here’s a picture of the sheet music stack before I put everything together (iPod for scale):


Stats from this year-

Total pages: 594
Total measures of music: 4224*
Total “Active Frames”: 14268**
Approximate time: 123 minutes

*measured “left to right” without any regard for systems or additional staves. If you played all of the music straight through and counted each measure as it passed, you’d get to 4224 as the show ended.

** this includes every measure that I touched. In other words, if a single measure of music includes the rhythm section, two trumpets, alto sax, tenor sax, and trombone, and each measure has notes, this counts as six “active frames”. It’s a good way to measure how much actual work went into the scores.

If you’re coming to the show this year, expect a great one. I’m incredibly proud of the months of work and prep that have gone into it, and I think it’s going to be the best show ever. It’s not too late to get tickets (though they’re becoming very scarce).

Rehearsals start in 10 days!

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