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March 4, 2010

Young Makers

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Dewey championed the need for children to be allowed to build real things, with real tools. Thus, when the kids decided they wanted to build a playhouse, they got some advice from teachers and did it themselves. A two story playhouse, custom furniture, complete with the appropriate building permits, designed and built by children under the age of 14. Jump forward 100 years and we have a generation of kids, many of whom may never be taught how to make things with their own hands. I’m not suggesting that we give a two year old a chainsaw (mine still has a plastic tool set), but that we acknowledge that, like playing an instrument, making is a skill which takes years to develop and is best started early.

AnneMarie Thomas- Thoughts on design, engineering, and education. A must-read if, like me, you believe in the culture of Makers, and that we’re losing touch with what it means to create with our own hands. Short, to the point, and worth the read.

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