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March 9, 2010

Motorcycle Crazy

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30 insane motorcycle designs. Crazy!


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I just had an absolutely wonderful conversation with a friend I had not talked to in almost two years. We have the kind of relationship where, when I picked up the phone, we immediately picked up almost exactly where we left off. What’s weird is that we’ve spent all of two weeks together total. Put this individual, Erin, and me in a room and we can talk for hours. Nice to have friends like that.

Media Upload Test

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Here’s a media upload test. First, a waterfall sound effect:

Now, a movie:

and finally, a picture:

any of these come through?

MacJournal Test

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Trying out MacJournal as a posting substitute for MarsEdit (which never handled media files well). I wonder if this will post?


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But I’m starting to begrudge being a blogger because people don’t talk to me anymore. They read my blog and feel as though they’ve conversed with me. But I don’t know about their days or their feelings. I don’t get to talk WITH them. I merely talk AT them. Or, more accurately, they overhear the conversations I have outloud with myself.

via Kat.

I agree. And while I can’t say I begrudge blogging, I have noticed that if I go into length on a topic of concern to me on my blog, I will often meet people who’s eyes glaze over when I try to bring it up in person. When pressed, their eyes will glaze and they’ll say “oh, I read that last week on your blog” in a very been there, done that kind of way. It’s a bummer because I sometimes feel like I’m giving half of a relationship (the me-to-them part) without getting the reciprocal. I doesn’t happen often, but when it does it makes me think twice about the time and effort that go into those long posts. I wonder if this is how professional writers feel?

The flip side of this is pouring myself into a post that I really care about and getting absolutely NO response. This happens all the time, most notably a couple of years ago with this post, the one I’m probably the proudest of in all my writing. Different strokes, I guess.

It’s not like there are thousands of people reading this, though- for some reason my blog has never caught fire, even after almost seven years. When I don’t get any responses, I remind myself that I’m really just doing this to keep a record of my thoughts and not to entertain. I guess we’re all busy, and the zeitgeist is that blogs are sooo early 90’s. It is neat, though, that the big Internet machine will still have a copy of all my posts in a thousand years.

Besides, I suspect that if I suddenly got a huge readership I would feel a lot more pressure to write. On the whole I’m very happy with the balance.


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Awesome bed jumping photos.


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