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March 12, 2010

Living in the Future

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Skin cancer has been cured. No joking, it looks like they’ve turned this potentially deadly disease, which strikes millions of families (including my own) into a treatable, curable nuisance. As long as it’s caught early-and you are going to the dermatologist regularly, right?- this new treatment will cure a skin cancer using an at-home device, with no surgery, no pain, and no chemo.

Erin read this story to me while lying in bed this morning and I looked at the ceiling thinking remember where you were when you heard this- this is the crack in the dam that will eventually knock this scourge out of our lives forever. I’d say “it’s a miracle!” but really it’s the result of decades of hard, thankless, anonymous labor by the men and women in the white coats. A heartfelt thanks to them.

What’s the next cancer to fall? As my friend Barry says, we really are living in an age of wonders.

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