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March 14, 2010

Time to Build!

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Ah, spring. When a young man’s fancy turns to…. home improvement. Erin and I are finally getting around to a few long-delayed home improvement projects. We just finished a complete repaint of the dining room (we call it the “piano room” because it lacks and actual dining table). We’re also embarking on a remodel of the pathetic master bathroom. It’s currently cheapo vinyl flooring, builder white walls, and a single pane mirror with no frame. When we’re done it’ll hopefully match our guest bathroom, which I redid several years ago.

It went from this:



to this:



I’m really happy with the results and hope the master bathroom ends up looking good as well. It’s a ton of work, but since the labor is free (me!) we’ll get our money back out of it. Even if we don’t, which bathroom would YOU rather spend a decade using?

Finally, we’ll be redoing our patio. It’s currently your basic 10×10 covered patio with nothing special about it. When it’s done we plan on having a tile floor surrounded by a patio railing (with 2 small gates), roll down exterior shades, an exterior ceiling fan, new planters, and a small water feature. I’ve scheduled a week for the job which means it’ll take about 2, but we’ve forgone our Spring Break trip and decided to use the money on the upgrades, so I have the time.

I’ll try and post before/after pics when it’s all done.

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