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March 23, 2010

Take Your Own Medicine

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GOP members propose an amendment to the health care bill. Specifically, it is

“an amendment that would require the president, vice-president, members of Congress, political appointees and congressional staff to get their federal health benefits through the soon-to-be-created health insurance exchanges.”

(link) The specifics of the bill contain language that exempt our leaders from the new legislation.

“President Obama has publicly advertised that his reforms would give members of the public the same coverage available to Members of Congress,” reads a GOP summary of the Grassley measure. “This amendment would ensure that he, his successors, and all his appointed political officials would also have the same coverage members of the public enrolled in the Exchange receive.”

Democratic leaders are expected to vote no on the proposed amendment.

Yes, it is political theater on the part of the GOP, but even granting that, I can’t imagine any American disagreeing with the principal of the amendment. Put aside the odd diplomatic immunity law and park-where-you-want quirks, I am trying to understand why it is in any way acceptable for our leaders to be exempt from the laws that they write for the citizens.

Steampunk R2D2

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Really impressive engineering here.

Mad Skillz

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Guy buys a $500 beater from 1991 and proceeds to whip the tires off the well funded drivers in a pro rally event. Fantastic!

From the comments (worth reading):

“Some say he paints USS Constitution on his back before arm-wrestling the Stig. And there are rumors he bench presses dumpsters.

He’s our caught in the wild, not yet broke to harness untamed racing driver.

He’s called the Cas.

Up yours, Clarkson.

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