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March 24, 2010

Memory from the Future

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The tech of 2040.

Happy Birthday to X

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Mac OS X turns 9 years old today. I have continued to use the old OS 9 since then. I use X, but do all of my professional work on OS 9… until now. It’s fitting that tomorrow I will accept delivery on my new 27″ iMac. Yup, from now on I’m OS X only! I’ll miss Vision and OS 9, but technology changes, and eventually you have to change with it. This move was brought on by the confluence of several events: the continuing dilapidation of my G4 MDD, the need to update my sound pallet, and an upcoming feature film audio mix. Fortunately, all three of these things came to a head in my “off season”, so I am spending quite a bit of time at night curled up with manuals and new hardware. The Fedex guy has come to our door for the last five mornings straight (except Sunday).

I’m a bit nervous about finally making the switch to Logic and Digital Performer since I was probably among the fastest Vision users in the universe (a distinction that’s akin to being one of the fastest Cobol programmers around), but I’ll get it. Change is good, right?

Happy ACMS Day!

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Tomorrow is the official Armstrong Community Music School Day in Austin Texas! Congrats to Erin and all the hard working folks at ACMS for running the only community music school in America that was founded by an opera company. ACMS is a wonderful place that helps people of all ages make music a part of their lives.


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