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March 26, 2010

Equipment Overload

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It’s fun integrating a bunch of new equipment into the studio, but right now I’m feeling totally overwhelmed with the amount of new hardware and software. Audio-wise I’m 100% (no worries on the mix, Storme, Andi, and Lee)- the audio mixing portion isn’t changing much except for a new interface, but those are transparent once you get them hooked up. What is changing is the way that I do my composing. Learning not one, not two, but five major programs has my head feeling like it’s in a vise. It’s all blurring together. 🙂

Final Cut Studio
Digital Performer
East West Play sample engine


For Want of a Cable, a Studio was Rewired

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The new MIDI interface is USB only. Max USB cable length is 16 feet (they make 20′ cables, but MIDI is very timing sensitive and subject to error on long runs). The MIDI interface is 18′ from the computer.

When I first wired my studio three years ago I was extraordinarily careful about not crossing power and data runs, about the order of equipment and heating issues, about careful and neat cable tying behind the racks, and about workflow and equipment access. I spent days deciding how everything should be laid out, drawing diagrams of each piece of gear. It’s paid off as I’ve almost never had an issue with buzz or noise in the system.

I may now have to completely disassemble and rewire my pristine studio layout based on the fact that a single cable is two feet too short.

I’m going to risk $15 on a 20′ cable from Amazon and see if the MIDI signals are reliable, but if they’re not…

Someone kill me please.

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