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May 31, 2010


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We’ve been upping our gastronomic adventures lately. In addition to trying to drop a few pounds (Erin) or many pounds (Jason), we’ve also decided to crank up the intensity on our general foodie-istic tendencies. That we can do this, eat healthily, generally pretty cheaply, and still lose weight (8 lbs so far), says a lot about the overall state of the American diet (though that’s a topic for another post). Suffice it to say, our menus lately have been really good, and our budget for food hasn’t been too terribly affected. We’re probably spending slightly more on ingredients (higher quality, more expensive stuff), but the expense is more than offset by the fact that our portion sizes and meal frequency has dropped. Snacking on lots of fruits between meals will do that.

Erin got a gift certificate that she used for us to go to a Whole Foods cooking class last week and it’s paid culinary dividends. Normally we try and eat really well (thanks to her aunt and uncle who started us down this road a few years ago), but now we both feel like we’ve passed a certain plateau where we’re actively branching out beyond our normal standard meals. Tonight’s menu:

Grilled chicken with avocado chimichurri served over a bed of sauteed vegetables with raclette topped broiled tomatoes. Outstanding!

May 30, 2010


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The surprising truth behind what motivates us. I think this will really resonate with some of my friends.


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An Open Source laser cutter project. Yes, please. I’d like one to go next to the MakerBot.

Wise Words

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Michael Graham has some words for Ireland.


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Adam Savage on problem solving. A one-hour talk at the recent Maker Faire. Really worth watching. I loved the fact that most of the questions were from kids.

May 27, 2010

36 Hour Christian Winner

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Get a tissue.

from Daros Films on Vimeo.

May 26, 2010

Biggest Fan

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How I feel about Lost.


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Paradise Achieved

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I just finished watching the final color corrected and audio mixed version of Paradise Recovered. We became the first two people to see the “final” film. It looked and sounded (ahem) great! Celebrated with a few fingers of 15 year old Glenn.

Congratulations to Storme on a job well done.

For the first time in over a month I have nothing to do. Ahhhhhh….

Market Cap

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Apple Computer surpasses Microsoft in total market capitalization.

Future Care

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Glenn Reynolds on the future of government controlled healthcare.

May 25, 2010


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The Music of Lost

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Lucky #$#$@@#!!

May 24, 2010

The Times, They Are a-Changing…

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When the press had a monopoly on information, it was much easier for them to influence opinion; that in turn made the legislator’s jobs easier, too. Now, yes, things are more difficult for the politicians, but that’s mostly because they insist upon working as they always have (the incestuous commingling of pols and media freaks on the left, and pols and business freaks on the right, with back-room-deals-aplenty, back-scratching galore and pork, pork, pork for everyone) while the electorate has decided it wants something different.

via Anchoress

Okay, DON’T Take My Money

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We skipped the series finale of Lost last night due to a work party, so we were going to do what we always do and catch it on Instead, we decided to ante up the three bucks for the full HD iTunes download so we could get it without commercials or without annoying stream pauses at critical moments (something that’s happened a lot in the past).

So I open iTunes on the mini downstairs and try to buy the last episode of Lost. Sorry, you must be upgraded to the latest version of iTunes to download content. Oh, okay. Twenty minutes later I’ve installed the newest iTunes and try to buy it again.

Sorry, you must have version 4 or greater of Safari to use the iTunes music store. Huh? The ITMS doesn’t even open Safari, and I use Firefox anyway. Grr…. So I go online again and update Safari. Whew. Okay Apple, here’s my money.

Sorry, this version of Safari does not work with your version of OS X. Please update your OS. AARGH!

I’m loathe to update the OS because the home automation software that runs the house on that computer works great, and doing OS updates has tended to make things unreliable in the past.

Look, I understand that you want to keep the user experience reliable, Apple, and one of the ways you do this is by making sure people’s software is up to date. But I seem to be running into this sort of thing a lot more lately, and I can’t help but wonder if there’s something else going on. Why all of a sudden have your engineers lost the ability to make stuff work well across a couple of different iterations of the software?

And before you think it’s because Apple just wants to stick me with a paid update to the OS or something, in fairness I have to say that all the updates I’d be required to do would be free inter-version updates (4.5.1 to 4.5.4, for example). Still it’s a hassle to have to keep all this stuff current across three machines. I would set stuff to auto update, but I’ve been burned in the past when a machine has updated software and broken a current application (Studio Vision Pro, Finale, etc) that I rely on absolutely for my income. I’d rather have control over my system, get things functioning smoothly, and then leave it alone until my season ends.

There’s got to be a better way. Maybe Virtual Machining is the answer?

May 23, 2010

This is Getting Weird

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May 22, 2010

Spectacular Saturn

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Amazing Saturn pictures courtesy Cassini.

End of an Era

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If three years can be an era. I’ll miss these!

About Time

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Nicolaus Copernicus, the 16th-century astronomer whose findings were condemned by the Roman Catholic Church as heretical, was reburied by Polish priests as a hero on Saturday, nearly 500 years after he was laid to rest in an unmarked grave…

…After his death, his remains rested in an unmarked grave beneath the floor of the cathedral in Frombork, northern Poland, the exact location unknown.

On Saturday, his remains were blessed with holy water by some of Poland’s highest-ranking clerics before an honor guard ceremoniously carried the coffin through the imposing red brick cathedral and lowered it back into the same spot where part of his skull and other bones were found in 2005.

A black granite tombstone now identifies him as the founder of the heliocentric theory, but also a church canon, a cleric that ranks below a priest. The tombstone is decorated with a model of the solar system, a golden sun encircled by six of the planets.


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