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June 18, 2010


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Work at full price, or work for free. Never work cheap. Thoughts on the freelancer lifestyle.

I try to adhere to this, and have been more or less successful. I’ve passed up some jobs that I wanted because they underpaid, and I’ve done a few things for free that ended up leading to better things. Overall, I’d rather be paid my full rate because then I tend to produce my best work. Working for cheap generally leads to feelings to being taken advantage of and general ickiness. Working free can be nice, of course, but free don’t pay the bills.

The irony is that my normal “day rate” is very, very reasonable… low enough so that I’m affordable (especially in light of the equipment I’ve invested in), and high enough that I can pay my bills. People who balk at my rate immediately send the signal of “I’m an amateur and you don’t want to work for me anyway.” They’re usually correct.

The Coke and Mentos Powered Car

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Hey Sean, getting any ideas?

Those Stupid Southerners?

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Sure, make fun of Southerners all ya want, Yankees. But when the economy tanks and chips are down, people show where they’d really like to live.

Uh oh, what about Trebuchets?

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Bad news: Sean’s homeowner policy won’t cover hovercraft any more.

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