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August 1, 2010

Grand Mal Washing Machine

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Watch to the end.

The $11,000 Car Wash

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Everybody has to have a niche.

Five Notes Wonder

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The coolest thing you’ll see today.

works in Western diatonic as well as non or pan-diatonic based musical cultures. Wow!

Wedding Bells

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Happy wedding day to Lisa.


Interview with an Apostate

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I asked my parents if they wanted to disown me and tell everyone they did so, but still talk to me in secret. They said no; they want to be my parents. So why should I drag them through the mud with me?

Heartbreaking interview with a former Muslim. It’s a good illustration that there are reasonable Muslim families out there who are trying to do the right thing even as their religion gets corrupted by the hyper-fundamentalist, kill-the-unbeliever crowd.

First, they came for the cello players…

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Broadway continues the process of removing live performers from their live shows in favor of recorded instruments.

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