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August 27, 2010

Back to the Coffee Shop

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Too bad I missed this by two years (SGT, we need to go back to Milwaukee!).

The 1980 retro coffee shop.

Good Point

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Who are the people who tend to run for political office? Political office is hard to get and takes a lot of effort, so only ambitious people seek it. That wouldn’t be so bad if we got smart/ambitious — and the useful kind of smart, not the pointless write-a-doctoral-thesis-on-transgender-Native-American-pottery “smart.”

But what do ambitious, capable people do in this country? They start their own businesses and lead successful lives comfortably away from the fickleness of the ballot box. So that just leaves the people who are ambitious but useless and just love the thought of being able to meddle in all the useful things everyone else is doing. And then the whole election process, where the politicians constantly lie and change their positions on issues to keep their jobs, tends to weed out the people who aren’t also sociopaths. So the system we have has basically set us up to be governed by ambitious, useless sociopaths who love to meddle in everything actual contributors to society are doing. So lawyers, for the most part…

It’s pretty simple: We [should] treat all legislators like lying crooks, because they self-identified as such by running for office; normal people don’t desire to spend other people’s money. Right now, being a representative or a senator is a high-paying, prestigious job that any idiot could do (and some exceptional idiots have done it for years), but if there were a few more drawbacks to being a legislator, maybe the worst of them would stay away. And if they don’t, at least maybe they’ll stay in line more if we let them know we consider them to be the worst of the worst and are keeping an eye on them. Then perhaps they’ll listen to those of us who really are supposed to be in charge in this country, the ones who actually work for a living.

Pretty funny (and sadly true). link. (apologies to my friends in law school… don’t sue me! 🙂

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