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September 3, 2010

Pay Up

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A terrifying student loan scheme infographic. So many of my friends are getting deep in debt going to college. I wonder what this means for the country 20 years down the line? My alma mater has almost tripled in price since I graduated 18 years ago. Tripled?!? It hasn’t gotten three times better, just three times more expensive. A must-read for all college students or parents of future college students.


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“It hits me over and over again that the people we know we know only a facet of, and for only a snip of time. Their stories, begun before the foundations of the earth and lasting till beyond the crumbling of mountains, are revealed to us only by the page.”

A wonderful post over at Barry’s site. Read the whole thing.

Future Rock Band

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Pretty neat!

What I’m liking about the Rock Band genre of music games is that the controllers (guitars, basses, and drums) are getting to be less and less like toys and more like actual instruments, and the software is starting to include some really good basic training. If you can make practicing fun you can get all sorts of people into playing for real. I think the demand for Rock Band shows the pent up desire to play.

The Worth of Khan

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Yeah, I stole the headline, but it was worth it. 🙂

Sal Khan’s online academy might just be the next big thing in education. We sure need it. Story here.

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