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November 4, 2010

Beam Me Up

Filed under: Space — jasony @ 10:01 pm

Life aboard the International Space Station: “”

Don’t miss the great views.

Epic Epicness

Filed under: Games,Maker — jasony @ 9:43 pm

What’s more hardcore than building a full set of HALO armor? How about a three year project build seven full sets? Amazing.

Electricity, mostly

Filed under: Current Reading,Technology — jasony @ 11:08 am

A review of Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants. This looks like a really good book. Kelly is a fascinating writer (listen to his This American Life interview from a few years back) who usually gets my attention.

This book seems like a good companion to Stewart Brand’s The Clock of the Long Now and Danny Hillis’ The Pattern on the Stone. Both excellent reads if you’re the techie type.

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