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November 22, 2010

My Bad Bosch Tool Experience

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Hello readers!

The following is the letter I would like to write to Bosch tools about my failed Bosch Colt PR10E router. I am having difficulty doing so because their website does not list a physical address and their automated email systems character limit is too low. I’ll keep trying, but in the mean time I would like to post it on the internet as a possible warning to anyone who is considering the purchase of a Bosch tool.

Dear Bosch tools,

I received the Colt PR10E router as a gift for Christmas 2008. Later that week in a fit of post-Christmas tool glow I used it for about thirty seconds and it abruptly stopped working. Since my wife bought it on Amazon we decided to heed the plea included in the packaging and call you directly instead of returning it to the seller. I called you and then took it to the local repair center you recommended for the warranty work. After a very long wait I finally got it back. When I asked the repair center what had gone wrong with the unit, I was told it was the “Main board” that needed replacement. Huh? I didn’t know power tools had motherboards (or “main boards”), but okay.

I brought it home, fired it up and let it run for a few minutes and it seemed to work okay. Then the weather turned hot and I didn’t work in my shop for several months.

Yesterday I went out to cut some laminate using the repaired router. It worked for about ten minutes, then abruptly quit again. It is a dead router, gone to whatever sad afterlife is reserved for unreliable tools that fail immediately. I now have a two year old Bosch router with a little over ten minutes of use on it that is a useless chunk of Bosch-colored plastic. It sits on my shop closet shelf in its brand new plastic-looking beauty taunting me with its nonworking…ness. I will continue to be disappointed in the tool only because I had the poor fortune to not need to use it until the warranty expired. It literally has zero shop scratches, dings, or even dust. A more pristine but useless tool you have not seen.

I realize that some products have issues, and I understand that stuff happens in production, and even that “authorized warranty repair” centers are not necessarily bastions of white-coated technicians bustling around saying things like “bring me an A6 Torx wrench and a bottle of graphite, STAT!”, but that doesn’t stop the fact that I’m still out of luck. Worse yet, it’s my wonderful wife who wasted her money for a gift that doesn’t work, which makes me feel even worse about Bosch tools. I mean, it’s one thing to feel taken advantage of when it’s your own money, but when your spouse gets the short end of a bad tool purchase, a guy feels angry AND helpless. And since this was my “big gift” for Christmas, I bear a special kernel of frustration toward any Bosch tool I see.

I heard a lot of good things about this little router, but in my experience it wasn’t worth the money, time, or heartache. I realize that I am outside of the normal warranty period, but I would like to respectfully request either another warranty repair (hopefully one that works this time), or, better yet, a completely new unit. I would even be willing to pay any sort of upgrade to the next higher tool in order to be assured that I don’t again fall afoul of whatever inherent design flaw might be lurking in the PR10E. When you see my little router’s complete lack of any scratches, markings, or even dust, you will understand that it has seen very, very little use. It does, however, sport a sad little tool-shaped afterlife halo.

I don’t think it earned it.

Please let me know what I can do to resolve this.

Thank you,

Jason Young
if your customer relations people ever happen to read this and would like to contact me outside of your severely limited online email forms, I would love to hear from you. You can reach me at jasony3131@(REMOVEFORSPAM)

I’ll let you know how (or even if) they respond.

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  1. What a ridiculous stupid drag. Maybe they’ll pull out and do you a fantastic service. But probably not.

    Comment by barrybrake — November 24, 2010 @ 4:58 am

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