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November 24, 2010


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As a sole prop I don’t worry as much about the hiring aspects, but I can attest that the overall business uncertainty in the small business world is real and is causing more anxiety about the future than you might think.

Business is the backbone of American productivity, and small businesses are the connective tissue of that backbone. The media likes to cast business owners as fabulously wealthy fatcat stereotypes because that makes it easy to get a certain philosophical viewpoint accepted. The reality, however, is that the vast majority of businesses are small shops like the ones in the videos above. We don’t have the manpower, representative voice, or even the time to devote to playing a political game. We’re too busy getting work done to fool with that kind of thing.

So the next time you hear about how businesses are run by wealthy people who are too rich and greedy to care about the “little guy”, just remember that, in most cases, businesses are the little guy. And government seems to be doing more to hurt than to help.

What does helping look like? Getting out of the way.

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