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December 6, 2010

Winter is Coming

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A 10 minute making-of featurette for the HBO/GRRM A Game of Thrones. I just finished book three of this series and it’s phenomenal so far (Tyrion has got to be one of my favorite fiction characters of all time). I hope this HBO series spurs Martin to pick up the pace a bit and finish the next book already.

Shop Vac

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Jonathan Coulton makes me happy. Super excellent awesome points for the notated guitar solo.

… and please, please, keep Mandlebrot Set far away from me. That’s the catchiest tune I’ve ever been exposed to. Serious Andromeda Strain level earbug contamination risk.

This Is How the Internet Ends

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Funny, freaky, and just this side of plausible. The great Internet Riot of… soon.

A Love Letter to Chamber Singers

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Erin and I attended the Chamber Singers Christmas Concert today. We were the ones in the second row with the wrung out hearts and the teary eyes. It has been a few years since we’ve been able to attend this Christmas tradition, but at the end of today’s concert I leaned over to Erin and said “whatever it takes, we’ll never miss one again”.

Everything I try poorly to capture in my own music was done to perfection during your performance. Not just the technical- the intonation, the ensemble, the purity of tone- but the heart. I will continue to believe that music does not get any better than what I heard today, not just out of a nostalgic loyalty to my own remembered past, but because I literally cannot imagine it possible to communicate music in any finer way.

Don’t just be grateful for your time in this group. Don’t just relish it. Don’t just appreciate it. Instead, hold it up as the perfect crystalline moment when you did that which so many musicians strive and all too few achieve. When Chamber Singers sings, you communicate music perfectly.

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