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December 7, 2010

Do Not Track

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The growing call for a “Do Not Track” standard online. Sounds like a good idea.

Down and Out on $250,000 a Year

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As educated professionals, they buy books, newspapers and magazines; they own computers and pay for Internet access. But the Joneses don’t take lavish vacations, don’t belong to a country club, don’t play golf, don’t drive luxury cars, don’t have a swimming pool, don’t buy designer clothes, don’t own or rent a second home, and don’t send their kids to private school. They don’t even shop for groceries at high-end markets. (They spend what the United States Department of Agriculture defines as a “moderate” amount on food for the average family of four.) In short, they’re not “wealthy,” even if they’re in the top 5 percent of earners.

“When most people think about taxes, they think first about federal income taxes, then maybe about sales taxes, but there are a lot of taxes out there,” says Mark Robyn, an economist with the Tax Foundation, a nonprofit tax research group in Washington, D.C. “It’s eye-opening to step back and take a look at the whole picture.”

The fiscal times takes a look at the raw numbers for a hypothetical, exactly run-of-the-mill “rich” American couple. Oh, by all means, let’s keep up this class warfare and tax these fatcats to make up for Washington’s irresponsible, short-sighted profligacy. Doesn’t seem like misdirection to me at all.The whole story is worth reading.

Oh, and my hometown of Plano gets a shout-out not once, but three times, as a good example of low-cost living. Plano shows that it’s possible to have a well laid out, clean, well-run town with great community services and an excellent educational system without going into debt. Why can’t we export the “Plano model” nationwide?

Anyway, the whole article is worth reading.

Kind Words

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Thanks, Barry.

I Guess Infamy Has a Sell By Date

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This Microsoft hating Apple-head will still be using Bing instead of Google today. Go there (today only) to see why.

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