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December 12, 2010

Stride Wars

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Mixing Again

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I’m currently doing the “M&E” mix on Paradise Recovered in prep for the next step of production. An M&E mix (stands for “Music and Effects”) is a full mix of the entire movie minus the dialog. It is typically used in foreign language releases where they need to replace the native language dialog with foreign actors doing localized language tracks.

It’s a fun way to mix since the entire scene stands by itself with all effects, foley, and ambient sounds, but it looks like the actors are just mouthing their lines. Kinda neat.

It’s also fun to get back into Soundtrack Pro and dig back into mixing. I really enjoy this part of the filmmaking process- probably more than the on location recording since I don’t have to deal with the vagaries of recording on the set (ambient sounds, background noise, equipment issues…maddening DP’s). It’s fun to subtract things from the mix and smooth over the remaining audio. Kinda crazy that I’ve seen this movie, in bits and pieces, probably three hundred times.

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