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December 14, 2010

Five Thousand

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As of Wednesday, December 15th Erin and I have been married for five thousand days. 2010 was a year that saw both my 15th K-day and our 5th.

Happy 5K, sweetie!


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Bear with me for recounting my dreams. I know it’s tiresome for the listener, but this dream, like this recounting, ends quickly.

I’m not the lucid dreaming type. Nor do my dreams normally consist of long epics with development, climax, anticlimax, and denouement. Our friend Anne does have these kinds of dreams- nightly- and it’s rather strange to me. On the rare occasions where I have them I always awake really refreshed and with a certain feeling that the day will make narrative sense. Usually does, too.

No, last night I had one of only a small number of lucid dreams I’ve ever had. Erin and I noticed a moving truck at our neighbor’s house so we went downstairs to go out the garage and see if we could help. When we got to the garage it was totally empty- every scrap of wood, tool, and even the floor epoxy and wall texture replaced by clean white paint. I remember thinking this isn’t our house, then realizing that it was–only things were changed in impossible ways. I turned to Erin and said guess what? I’m dreaming! I’m having a lucid dream! Yes, I announced it in my dream. She said prove it, so I said watch this, then jumped up in the air and hovered. Cool. She was still a little unsure, so I pointed at her, Harry Potter style, and made her float, too. Neat! Think of all the cool things we can do since I now control the….

and then I woke up.


Leaving Chase

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After 20 years of banking with Chase it looks like we’ll be leaving them soon. They just recently went from a $0/year for basic checking on three accounts to-get this- $432/year! We apologize for the inconvenience indeed. It’s just business, sure, but so is leaving when we feel like their fees are excessive. Seen online: when the economy is bad for them they get a bailout. When it’s bad for us we get new fees.

Anyone have experience with USAA checking? I’ve heard good things about them but I’m a little nervous doing the whole deposit-by-scanning-checks thing.

*UPDATE* Just noticed the type: not twenty years, thirty years. I got my first savings account pretty young back when Chase was BankOne. Paperboy earnings. 🙂

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