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December 17, 2010

Prop Days

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Just finished two days (about 20 hours) of prop building in the shop with a terrific group of Sing Chairs. A wonderful time. We breezed through the construction of six great props on day one and came back thinking it would only take us an hour or two to build the final prop. It took 8 hours. Not because we were particularly stymied, but just because we realized we had the time so why not have a discussion about the why of this prop? After talking for a while, we made the decision to redesign it and go completely over-the-top. It’s not a gigantic monstrosity or anything, but I’m really proud of it. My best description of it is that it looks exactly like the real thing- because it essentially is the real thing. I got a chance to teach the group the difference between “prop tolerances” where you can forgive an error of 1/2″ or so because the audience won’t ever see it, and “furniture tolerances” where it’s going to be viewed from close-up. They totally got into it and we had a blast being stupidly picky and perfectionistic.

Even though this prop will never be seen by the audience from less than 50 feet, it still stands up to a very, very close inspection. It’s something that most people wouldn’t mind having in their homes (if they had the, er, room).

Anyway, it was a great two days for teaching craftsmanship, doing woodworking, and getting to know each other. What does it say that I’m incredibly sore but would love to go out and do it again tomorrow?

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  1. I’m so glad you love shop/prop days! It really gets your creative juices flowing (not that they are actually not flowing all the time, now that I think of it) and you get to build things, too!:)

    Comment by Erin — December 18, 2010 @ 9:48 am

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