The Big Think

December 18, 2010


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“I don’t know why anyone would want to be 20 again. I can understand why you’d want to be 20, but not again.”


Indeed. I loved my 20’s, but I’m enjoying my 40’s just as much- maybe more?. This whole aging thing all the adults always talked about? Not as scary as the reality, apparently. I was talking to a 55ish father of a Sing chair yesterday and when I told him I’d been involved in the show for 20 years (this year!) you’d have thought I had said I was driving Archduke Ferdinand’s open top limo. He just could not believe that I was telling the truth. Did it make me feel good? Sure, but I also wondered why more people aren’t like this. It’s like the great mass of humanity has decided that dourness, melancholy, and a careworn expression are hung around your neck upon your attainment of the mighty Three-Oh and you have to wear them like an albatross until you expire. Well, nuts to that.

Word Warp

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This has been making the rounds lately. We really are living in the future.

more here.

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