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January 11, 2011

Pixar Zoetrpe

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Pixar is officially the coolest company ever.

In Praise of Shop Class

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Some educators resist giving woodshop the chop – “”

I took shop class in 6th and 7th grade and it showed me I could make things and take pride in a hand-crafted object. I was one of those kids who was never great at math but excelled at spatial thinking. Glad my generation still had access to dangerous tools while in school, and I’m glad that they’re making comeback.

Going Global

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Fifteen years or so ago I bought a Global office chair. Nice one, too. Retail on the thing was $650, though after discounts and such it came in at under $300. It’s a typical premium chair with lots of padding, support, and adjustment points. It doesn’t get into the super premium market like Aeron chairs do, but it’s a good product nonetheless.


At the time I thought ouch, it’s just a chair. $300?. Still, I figured that I spend so much time at the desk that it’d be a good investment. As long as I was buying, might as well buy for the long-haul. Had a lifetime warranty, too.

Fast forward 15 years and it’s still going strong. I love the thing. It supports in all the right places and lets me tilt around to a bunch of different positions throughout the day. I’ve recently had some posture-related pain, but I think that’s more due to a 41 year old body pulling weeks of consecutive 15 hour days. No chair is going to completely alleviate that kind of strain.

I’ve had a few very minor problems with the chair- mainly things like screws working loose over the years, but really, can you blame it? I’ve spent literally years seated in this thing. Whenever I call Global (which is rare), they’re very helpful and don’t seem to mind at all that they’re supporting a decade-and-a-half old product with no further revenue stream. They’re upbeat and friendly and just want me to be happy with their products.

The pneumatic piston has been leaking a bit lately (again- 15 years), which results in me spontaneously dropping several inches while sitting at the desk. It’s pretty funny the first few times, then quickly becomes rather less so. So I called them up. The chipper Joanne kidded around with me a bit and then promised to get a new cylinder out in the mail this afternoon. Free of charge. Just like that.

I often kvetch in this space about bad customer service, so I wanted to take this chance to point out a really good example of a company taking care of its customers. Next time I buy a chair I’ll definitely spring for the Global. But at the way this thing is going that’ll be another 15 years. Just reinforces my “buy once, cry once” philosophy. Don’t buy junk.

Thanks, Global. Great people, great product. My backside thanks you too.

With One Hand

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Joanna Lange is the mother of friend’s of Erin’s Aunt. Amazing. She’s in her 80’s.

From an email:

Joanna is a pianist and longtime piano teacher, living in Indianapolis. The family was originally from St. Louis, where Cathy and her cellist sister grew up. Joanna and her husband moved to Indy some time ago to be close to one of her daughters. She had a serious stroke in 1990, but continues to perservere with playing and teaching. She is pretty fully paralyzed on her whole right side… but continues to teach and be as active as possible since her stroke.

Amazing. You never have to slow down. Love the proud smile at the end, too! Get this lady onto Leno.

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