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January 15, 2011

Overheard at Panera Bread Just Now

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“So, I hear the Zodiac has changed and that everyone gets a new sign, but that it’s only going to be for new people. If you’re already born you get to keep your sign and they won’t make you change. I’m an Aries. Nobody can take that from me”.
Silly college student in the pink shirt.

Oy. Sad for so many reasons.


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“I always hate that moment in documentaries about social movements where somebody insists that whatever incredibly exciting and revolutionary phenomenon they were a part of could never happen again, because the world has inevitably changed for the worse, and today’s kids are just too jaded or clueless to do what they did. What they’re really saying is that it will never happen for them again, because they’ve reached the age where they’re too jaded and clueless. When you’re young, whatever you’re doing feels revolutionary because the world is opening up for you in ways that will never be more exciting than they are right now, in this moment, forever and ever.”
– Steven Hyden, Whatever Happened to Alternative Nation

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