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February 11, 2011

No Magic Will Save This One

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I got Erin the Lego Harry Potter (Years 1-4) for our Wii and we’ve been playing through it as a team. It’s been fun to introduce Erin to platformers and she’s gotten pretty good at managing the dual handed control system (moving with the left thumb and aiming/shooting with the “wand”). Since she’s such a HP fan it’s very engaging for her. Unfortunately, the game has already had 2 showstopping freezes accompanied by an annoyingly loud buzz from the console that requires a full hard reset. I looked online and saw that a bunch of people had this problem and that even if you endure through the increasingly frequent crashes the game traps you in a room at the end where you can’t finish. The publisher (Traveller’s Tales) is ignoring the problem in spite of a growing call to fix it and replace the discs.

It’s a bummer because we were really having fun playing it for an hour or so each night. It’s not often when a guy’s wife practically begs him to play video games with her. Nuts to Traveller’s Tales and their bad coding.

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