The Big Think

March 5, 2011

Metal Fatigue

Filed under: Hobbies,Maker — jasony @ 11:31 pm

Man, soldering is difficult. Erin got me a small kit where you solder together a PCB with various components (transistors, LEDs, capacitors, etc). It’s this one:


Either I’m totally fumble fingered (possible), the PCB was made to be assembled by a microscopic robot, or my soldering iron tip is too big. ONE SINGLE MISTAKE and the solder flows onto an adjacent contact point. *BAM* There goes the whole kit. I got about ten components into the assembly tonight and had a blob of solder flow down onto another off-limits part of the circuit. If I cant figure out how to remove ALL of the solder so no electricity flows where it’s forbidden, then this wonderful gift is pretty much reduced to a hunk of junk. Rats.

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