The Big Think

March 8, 2011

The Arduino is Here!

Filed under: Business,Mad Science,Music — jasony @ 5:57 pm

The Arduino kit just arrived! I haven’t opened it up yet, though. A combination of a mild migraine and a lot of phone conversations has kept me on the couch all day. Between talking about music, making math-related inquiries, and possibly doing a fun new Mad Science project, it’s been an eventful day.

Engineering at its Best

Filed under: Science — jasony @ 5:16 pm

Bill Hammack is the man.

The Epilog Challenge

Filed under: Maker — jasony @ 4:41 pm

I’m just gobsmacked over this challenge. They’re giving away a $20,000 Epilog laser cutter in their contest. I’m sorely tempted to enter.

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