The Big Think

March 25, 2011


Filed under: Apple — jasony @ 1:59 pm

Well, we did it. Finally got an iPad. We both really wanted the iPad 2, but Verizon was blowing out gen 1 iPads for almost half price, so with that incentive we went out and got the last 32gb model available in central Texas. It’s sitting here on the desk updating and downloading. Preeeetttyyy…

We’d have loved the camera, but basically saved $300+ just by opting for the 1st generation. It was a really great deal and let us take advantage of a box of goodies that was just sent by a very cool (but shall remain anonymous) friend. Thanks, friend!

Can’t wait to download the Logic controller app for this thing. That way I can justify its purchase as a business expense. Right? Right? 🙂

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