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March 28, 2011


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Increasingly, students seem not to realize what a college degree, especially a graduate degree, tells the world about one’s abilities and competence. They have no clue what is expected of them at the higher levels of academic discourse and what will be expected of them in the workplace. Having passed through a deeply flawed education system in which no one is paying attention to critical thinking and writing skills, they just want to know what they have to do to make their teachers tick the box that says “pass.” After all, that’s what all their other teachers have done. (Let the next guy worry about it.)

More here about the sad state of higher education.

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  1. It seems that the author doesn’t realize what a college degree now tells the world about one’s abilities and competence. The days when it meant you could write a paragraph were over before you and I entered Baylor: I remember proofreading the papers in my dorm hall with amazement.

    Meanwhile, what a college degree now says is, “I’m in the middle class.” No more, no less. You *can* get an education at Baylor still, and at other colleges too, if you’re careful to do so, but that’s not the primary message of a college degree, nor is it its purpose in most people’s minds. Terrible!

    But, really, the unchanged truth is that from Plato to today, only about 2% of any population is educated, according to the author’s (and your, and my) understanding of the word.

    Comment by barrybrake — March 29, 2011 @ 4:39 pm

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