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April 6, 2011


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I can’t believe that my best friend is a Republican. Beautifully written. I frequently hang with a group of guys who have very different (and widely disparate) political alignments. What gives me hope for this country is that, outside of Washington, there are still a lot of us who aren’t ready to draw the battle lines and start picking off our neighbors. Outside of Washington, at least.

Here’s to listening to the other guy. And here’s to staunchly being the other guy.

Who Knew Cow Poo Was So Valuable?

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Our grass is dead. Again. In the 10 years of living in this house we’ve replanted all or part of our front lawn at least three different times, each time carefully watering, fertilizing, and mowing so that the little sprigs will thrive. But as a result of some neighbors who are, ahem, a little less circumspect in their gardening habits, our lawn once again became diseased and died off. We don’t have a “lawn” anymore, per se. It’s more like a dirt patch with an occasional tuft of woebegone St. Augustine corpses poking out.

The dirt has seen its last days, too. When we moved in the builder “planted” the turf by tossing down a dusting of dirt and then just tossed the sod on top. It looked good enough to last until the papers were signed and it became our problem. So in addition to the disease and typical Texas summers we’ve had to contend with buried Mountain Dew cans, construction rubble, and other subterranean detritus. No more. This time, instead of spending a couple hundred dollars on replacement St. Augustine sod that is only going to go the way of Isaiah 15:6, we’ve decided to nuke the whole front yard and start over from scratch. I just spent $500 on super high quality dirt. Yes, dirt. At half a grand, that stuff had better have semi precious stones and pieces of eight in there. After that we still need to buy a couple pallets of the actual grass (which is, oddly, cheaper than the dirt, but not by much). We’ll then spend all day Saturday spreading the 10 yards of soil out over the dead earth, then early next week I’ll till it all in with a rototiller, flatten it out, and proceed to plant the new Palisades Zoysia. I swear, If THAT doesn’t work I’m throwing in the towel and paving over the yard.

When we first moved in I took a lot of joy taking care of “my” yard. It’s still a good reminder that I’m a real live adult and can actually do adult stuff (like make a mortgage payment as a professional musician), but part of me pines for a fully xeriscaped yard that I don’t have to take care of at all. Our dream house of the future includes some pretty aggressive xeriscaping. No watering or mowing for me.

So… if anyone has a shovel and would like to come spread dirt. Come on by the house at noon on Saturday. Lunch is on me.

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