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April 10, 2011

Falcon Heavy

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What does this all add up to? It increases the Falcon 9′s payload capacity of a dozen tons by a factor of five to almost 60 tons, or 117,000 pounds. The payload would be nearly half that of the Saturn V that launched the Apollo missions to the moon, and would be the largest American rocket since then (and the largest available today). In other words, as Musk noted, it could do a manned lunar mission in two flights—by launching a crew with one flight and a lander with another. It could execute a manned lunar flyby (like the Apollo 8 mission) with a single launch. It could also toss many tons to Mars (how many depends on how fast you want to get there). And the quoted price is no more than $120 million, very close to the long-sought-after launch milestone of a thousand dollars per pound.

More details on the upcoming SpaceX Falcon Heavy lift vehicle. This thing is a monster.

Talent Is Overrated

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Review: Talent Is Overrated: “”

Brilliant stuff.


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– Now that’s a big building: “”

(Via .)

Sourcing a 3d Printer

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Good article. Might be an interesting way to go when the Thing-O-Matic fund gets built up (currently at $350).

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