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May 20, 2011


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Some things I want to figure out (just a random list so I can come back to it):

1. basic motor control

2. relay switching to control motor

3. photosensor/phototransistor control of relay and motor

4. stepper motor control

5. control all via arduino

6. gear connections to motor

I’m seeing a pretty heavy emphasis on motor control and making things move (rather than digital logic and non-visible control/execution elements). I just finished Dustyn Roberts’ excellent book Making Things Move, which gives a great overview of the hardware required for mechanical manipulation of physical objects (as well as some aspects of Arduino/computer control). Physical computing is much more interesting to me than the non-physical stuff, but I’m still very much on step one of the whole electronics thing (well, maybe step two, but sometimes I take two steps backward. Step Zero?).

Anyway, the six things above are some elements I would like to figure out during my Year of Electronics. If anyone has any knowledge of them I would be happy to buy you lunch in exchange for a tutoring session.

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