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May 31, 2011

Sound Advice

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SoundWorks Collection: Marie Ebbing & Jonathon Stevens – Advanced Noise Removal from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

The Miracle of Flight

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I’m currently sitting on a JetBlue flight from Orlando to Austin. I just realized that I’ve never been on a plane that is so dark during the day. If I crane my neck I count 17 windows open throughout the entire plane (most of them near the back). I was wondering what why when I realized that the plane needs to be dark so that everyone can watch the seatback televisions.

I don’t know why but it’s a slightly depressing thought that we’ve become so inured to the miracle of flying (and the simple pleasure of looking out the window) that we would rather watch a sitcom than the clouds as seen from above. Yes, it makes the flight go faster (we watched a movie on the way out to Orlando last thursday), but I think we’ve given something up.


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Now this is how you run a railroad (or a space program).

Key quote:

“The average price of a full-up NASA Dragon cargo mission to the International Space Station is $133 million including inflation, or roughly $115m in today‚Äôs dollars, and we have a firm, fixed price contract with NASA for 12 missions. This price includes the costs of the Falcon 9 launch, the Dragon spacecraft, all operations, maintenance and overhead, and all of the work required to integrate with the Space Station. If there are cost overruns, SpaceX will cover the difference. (This concept may be foreign to some traditional government space contractors that seem to believe that cost overruns should be the responsibility of the taxpayer.)”

Open market FTW.

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