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July 4, 2011

Independence Day

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In celebration of Independence Day, I decided to take my best hand-made pen and write out the Declaration of Independence. It was 90 minutes well spent and gave me a blister I’ll be proud of. This exercise taught me a few things, too: first, it’s been years since I wrote out anything longer than a return address in cursive, and my longhand has deteriorated to atrocious unreadability. Second, the Declaration contains some things that I never knew about the offenses that were imposed on the colonies (King George was a real jerk). And third, the 1337 words of the Declaration come from a time of beautiful prose, cogent thought, and clear intention that we don’t see often enough these days. Like Shakespeare, you have to hold a twisting, self-referential sentence wholly in mind until it winds its way to a beautifully florid conclusion. Clarity is there, but it’s all the more forceful when it finally emerges, fully realized like a gothic cathedral, from the mist of thought.

What gave me this idea? I’m glad you asked.

Happy Independence Day.


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I think I’ll go shave now.

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