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July 6, 2011

Pause and Reflect

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What Happened to Downtime? The Extinction of Deep Thinking & Sacred Space

It’s Starting

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IBM Watson to replace salespeople and cold-calling telemarketers? This is in line with Matt’s conjecture that robots will take over most service jobs in the coming years. (What was it Matt, 20 years?)


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Juan Enriquez on the ultimate reboot. Starts with bad news, ends with good news. Great stuff.


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Just put my $50 monthly payment into ING for my future 3d printer. I now have $501.62 in savings toward the little beastie. Slowly getting there!

*UPDATE* Found a good review of the Thing-O-Matic here. It’s a pretty clear run-down of the pros and cons of owning an early generation 3D printer, and a pretty clear explanation just why it is that I’m taking two years to save for one. Hopefully by the time I’m ready to hit the buy button they’ll have some of these issues (ReplicatorG to Skeinforge, competitive consumables aftermarket) worked out.

A Father’s Fiery Rage Against the Cold Machine

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The family law system performed exactly as intended—and a despairing father set himself aflame.

Ironically, the Thomas Ball family is a triumph of the family-law paradigm. Within the context of that paradigm, everything in the Balls’ case went according to plan. The family’s fate is not a failure of state policy. It’s the best the state can do. That should impress upon us two things: the urgent wisdom of putting less faith in law and government, and the paramount need to cultivate—by other means—a motivating vision of marriage and family for our society.


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