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July 15, 2011


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One of the fringe benefits of having written music for Sing for 20 years now is that I get T-shirts. A lot of T-shirts. I’ve got probably 150 t-shirts from acts going back as far as 1994. If I like the design and the color it’ll go into my normal t-shirt rotation, but normally I just pit it on the pile.

Well, the pile has grown big. Way too big to comfortably be ignored. So yesterday I went through my closet and said goodbye to 60+ Sing shirts. I kept one or two from 1994, but for the most part they’re all gone. I also tossed out a ton of other old clothes that hadn’t been worn in a decade. Great feeling. Erin got on the bandwagon and between us we have about a dozen full-sized trash bags of clothing that will go to Goodwill. What’s amazing is that everything was so little-worn I won’t even notice the difference, except now I have a lot more closet space.

This set off one of those general “get rid of it” cleaning moods where you get pretty ruthless about divesting yourself of possessions that are just holding you down. There’s a lot of other stuff going on in our lives right now that is obviously a catalyst for these feelings that isn’t really blog-worthy except to say this: things are just things. I only want to keep the 1-2% of stuff that really means something to me, and let the rest of it go on to a more useful existence.

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