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July 16, 2011

Repair, Man

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Ten years ago when our house was built, whoever installed the door did a rather poor job of it. You could see light leaking in at the bottom corner, and they didn’t seal the end grain on the outside trim boards very well (read: at all). As a result, the boards had become rotten over the years from water being drawn up into the grain and decaying several layers of wood back into the wall. The rotten wood has fallen off in the past few years and we had developed a hole that was about 4″ x 4″ that started outside and was beginning to creep inside. You could clearly see through it to the outside when the door was shut. Bugs were a problem (rolly-polly invasions!) as well as all the heat/cool air we were dumping outside.

It was really bugging me so tonight I got out the hammer, crowbar, and sundry other tools and went to work. I tore the whole trim board off and chipped/dug/carved/cut out a chunk of rotten board about 15″ tall all the way back to the in-wall studs. What a mess. Over the next few hours I fashioned a replacement piece from some hard maple that I had lying around out in the shop- a really nice wood to use, granted, but it was all that I had that was close to the dimensions I needed and I didn’t want to use pine and then have the same thing happen in a few years. I then went to Home Depot and got new weatherstripping, caulk, and a few other things.

We now have a nice new door frame on that side that is done properly. Since it’s a patch you can see where the joint is since the new wood buts up against the old stuff but once it’s caulked and painted it’ll be almost unnoticeable. I’m glad that it wasn’t very hard or expensive. It cost me less than $20 and a few hours with my tools to carve out the replacement pieces. When you consider the fact that a new door would have been over $600, I think it’s a win all around. I’ll caulk and paint it over the next few days. We’re good for another decade.

It made me feel really good to fix what was would have been a fairly expensive and involved repair if I’d have called a handyman or gotten a new door installed.

It’s good to be able to fix things.

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