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August 15, 2011

The Downside of Cheap Tools

Filed under: Maker — jasony @ 11:08 am

$5 for a single drill bit?

Ultimaker: There’s a New 3D Printer in Town

Filed under: Maker,Technology — jasony @ 11:07 am

Might be a good substitute for the Think-O-Matic I’m saving up for.

With a Whisper

Filed under: Audio,Science — jasony @ 11:07 am

The world’s first acoustic diode.

“The acoustic diode works much like the electrical component of the same name, letting current (or, in this case, sound waves) pass in one direction but blocking it in the other. Composed of a structured arrangement of elastic spheres that ferry the sound through the material, the diode can be tuned to work only at certain frequencies or to downshift the frequencies moving through the material to lower frequencies as needed….the tunable diode could scavenge energy from noisy machinery and channel it back into a transducer that converts those sound vibrations into electricity that could be fed back to the machine, reducing net energy consumption. It could also downshift sound frequencies to ranges that are optimal for energy conversion.”

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