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December 8, 2011

Matt Makes Good

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(not that Matt)

Friend Matt Trevino appears as Sarastro in the current production of Mozart’s Magic Flute in Dublin. Check out this video.

Matt is the Black-Adder look-alike at :12. Good on you P.O.F.!

from Irish Theatre Magazine:

But it was Texan bass Matthew Treviño who truly galvanised attention: his Sarastro was magnetically sung and acted, an eerily hermetic presence with an insinuatingly malevolent agenda (he manhandles Pamina creepily during one aria). Sarastro’s part goes very low musically, but Treviño’s bottom Fs were unpinched and beautifully supported, his sonorous, burnished tone and clear enunciation a source of constant pleasure.

I always thought of Matt as being “eerily hermetic”. Whatever that means.


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“We live in a world of snark and irony… but if there’s one word to describe Tim Tebow it would be “earnest”. Who uses that word anymore? Irony and sarcasm and cynicism is really just cowardice. And a person of genuine conviction is threatening to that worldview.”

Bill Whittle

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