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December 12, 2011

Work It

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If You’re Busy, You’re Doing Something Wrong: The Surprisingly Relaxed Lives of Elite Achievers

Piano. Catapult. How Could I Resist?

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This Piano Catapult = Poor Range, But Grand Psychological Menace

Wake Up And Smell The Espresso

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Wake Up And Smell The Espresso (Education) in [Market-Ticker]: “This is why bankruptcy was written into the Constitution and why it’s so important. The threat of the borrower declaring bankruptcy and avoiding the debt taken on is the only market check and balance that works to restrain predatory and abusive behavior by lenders. With it no lender intentionally makes a foolish loan because while the borrower has their credit rating ruined the lender loses their actual investment.”

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Dear 16 Year Old Me

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My mom was diagnosed with stage 3 (bordering on stage 4) melanoma over a decade ago. After a long course of extensive chemo and radiation she beat it. A few years later the breast cancer hit. She beat that too. Thanks to her incredible doctors she conquered some astronomical odds and is healthy today.

This video talks about the risk factors for melanoma (early sunburns, family history, moles, etc). I have just about every risk factor except red hair (who knew?). I also go to the dermatologist once a year and have had at least a dozen moles removed since mom’s diagnosis. I share this because keeping up with this has become easy, routine, and something that we budget for in our annual medical expenses. $250/year isn’t much to pay to make sure I don’t die from melanoma. It’s not fun or painless, but it just may be the difference in the future.

This is for you, mom…

Worth watching.

Dramatic Eagle

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