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December 15, 2011

Calvin’s Handiwork

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HTTP Status Cats – a set on Flickr

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HTTP Status Cats – a set on Flickr: “”

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303 is my favorite

Doing the Important Experiments

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MAKE | Dropping a Cannonball into a Tub Full of Mercury: “”

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Great comments, too.

Rule of Law

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Congress passes the Indefinite Detention Powers act. (aka the “National Defense Authorization Act”, but hey, let’s call a spade a spade…).

Just ask yourself what the reaction would have been if the previous president had passed this the previous congress had passed this. Thanks to friend Sean for pointing out that it is Congress, not Presidents, that actually pass laws. I know this, but when was the last time that an unpopular bill wasn’t laid at the feet of Congress? Technically, congress passed the recent Health Care bill, but there’s a reason that it is called (even at the President’s own insistence), Obama-care.

Still, I agree with Sean that the NDAA is a horrible bill. Shame on both parties for this stinker. But evidence pretty strongly suggests that it doesn’t matter what we think any longer.

I actually called my Representative’s office in Washington this morning to voice my unhappiness with the SOPA bill that’s in markup today. I mentioned sotto-voce “not that it matters what a constituent says”. Her attitude, pretty plainly, was of course not!. Have a nice day!

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