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February 2, 2012

The Gig Economy

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The Gig Economy

I’ve been living with this for the last twenty years. It’s not so bad in these waters as long as you don’t stop swimming. Ever.


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Official Google SketchUp Blog: Maxwell Render for SketchUp competition winners announced: “”

(Via .)


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Freelancing: the best and worst of it: “the brain can apparently only fully focus on something for 90 minutes before it needs a change. In the office you have to constantly fight this, and as Breslin sagely points out: ‘That’s not maximising productivity.’ When you’re working unsupervised you start to develop a more natural pattern, and once that’s done it’s really hard to go back….

…Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the amount of work and the fact that it’s all down to me. Then I remember that I am in charge of this operation and I call the shots. This makes it a lot easier to do the boring stuff too, as it’s another building block for the big picture. The element of choice makes all the difference.”

It’s always good to read the view from someone who has been on the other side.


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