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February 21, 2012

Do Not Track

Filed under: Computing — jasony @ 3:05 pm

I’m installing this on all my computers today.

*UPDATE* I just installed it and rebooted Firefox. In just the boot process, DNT+ prevented my info from being shared with 41 different requesters. Pretty cool.

There’s an opt-in “gentlemen’s agreement” idea floating around out there in different browsers. It’s basically a box that you check that says I don’t want to be tracked. It was championed by browser companies and the like as a way to pacify people who want to keep their business private. Here’s the thing: it’s not mandatory, nor does it actively prevent companies from tracking you- it just expresses your preference. Companies are free to ignore that little box and go right on tracking you.

But now that DoNotTrack+ has moved the enforcement mechanism into consumers’ hands, some companies are starting to cry foul. Makes their previous agreement to honor that little voluntary box seem a bit suspicious, doesn’t it?

I, for one, am happy that the option is there. Kind of like opting out of junk mail.

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