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February 21, 2012

Sing a Song

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Sorry for the lack of posting the past few weeks. The truth is that this is my annual Sing crunch and I have very little energy for anything outside of rehearsals and performances. The first weekend is over and we’re in mid-week rehearsals now. It’s amazing how many tweaks and little improvements you can do to a “finished” show. I’m sure we could keep improving it and improving it forever, but alas, this Saturday is the final judging night. Months and months of work will come down to the results and we’ll find out who makes Pigskin (the “bonus show” in November for the top 8 acts out of the 17 currently competing).

It’s been a great year with a wonderful show full of zany creativity, oddball ideas (some that work and some that don’t), and lots of new friends. I am thoroughly blessed that I get to do what I love and that I get to do it with fun, encouraging, and enthusiastic people. Even though my job takes a pretty big toll in energy and work, I’d be a fool to complain about it. What fun!

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