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February 25, 2012

Who needs sleep?

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Cough cough hack hack cough…

For the past two weeks we’ve been deep in the throes of Sing rehearsals and performances. Tomorrow night is the final show and, as much as I’ve loved doing the run, at this point in the process everyone- performers, musicians, crew, etc- is pretty much ready for a break. It’ll be bittersweet when it’s all over, but 24 hours from now I can’t say I’ll be disappointed. Need the rest.

Speaking of rest, I’ve had an annoying cold for the past few days with a hacking cough that just will not die. DIE ALREADY. The biggest problem is that, at this time when I most need rest and sleep, the stupid cough is keeping me awake all night. Every 90 seconds I have another fit and have to cough just to relieve the tickle in my throat. Pretty much existing on caffeine and cough drops. Yuck.

5:30 and still no sleep tonight. But hey, at least the hotel coffee is free.

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