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April 1, 2012

Take Care of Me

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“My generation is leaving our young people with an economy of crushing debt. They’re going to inherit a completely different country than what we inherited. We’ve spent it all. That’s tremendously worrisome…

…We can say no to the things we want but can’t afford. We can’t have everything. But I don’t know that we have the political will to do that right now. Europe is the distant mirror for us. That’s not a talking point – that’s reality. We have to change the dynamic in which everybody is at the trough. People won’t step away from it until everybody else steps away, everyone else from Goldman Sachs, to farmers, to Hollywood celebrities. It needs to be a culture-wide understanding that this is just not sustainable. But if the notion of inter-generational transfer of wealth takes hold, then we might have a more serious willingness to make that distinction between needs and wants.”

The ‘Take Care of Me Society is Wrecking the USA’. An interview with Charles J. Sykes.

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