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July 20, 2012

Carpentry of a Different Scale

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I recently built and installed a door. Nothing too unusual about that as I’ve done it several times around the house. But this one is a dutch door (the kind that have a top and bottom that separate and swing independently). It’s drying now but when it’s cured I’ll paint it red.

I built the door frame that fits the rough opening very tightly but just in case there are leak I caulked the opening around the frame to keep out drafts. I installed door trim too (after I stained it Dark Walnut, of course) and did all the molding work. Oh, and I’m working on the door handle now as well. Overall I’m very pleased with it, especially that the whole thing took me only an hour and a half.

Oh, did I mention that the whole thing… door, frame, trim, molding, handle, etc… is only and inch and a half tall? Just wait until you see the rest of the house.


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This effort to interpret everything through a political and partisan lens – to reduce everything to a political and partisan interpretation – is itself a disfigurement of reality. Life is a complicated and endlessly variegated thing. Politics has a role in all our lives; but for it to play such a dominant role in people’s imagination is surely not a healthy thing. And for people to immediately and instinctively take every human event – no matter how tragic and how painful — and place it in the maw of our politics is wrong and even repulsive. It exploits people’s sorrow and grief in order to score cheap political points and frame stupid political argument.


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