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August 20, 2012


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From the Stanford Law Review:

The Dirty Little Secret of (Estate) Tax Reform – Stanford Law Review: “Spoiler alert! The dirty little secret of estate tax reform is the same as the dirty little secret about many things that transpire, or fail to transpire, inside the Beltway: it’s all about money. But no, it is not quite what you think. The secret is not that special interests give boatloads of money to politicians. Of course they do. That may well be dirty, but it is hardly secret. The dirty little secret I come to lay bare is that Congress likes it this way. Congress wants there to be special interests, small groups with high stakes in what it does or does not do. These are necessary conditions for Congress to get what it needs: money, for itself and its campaigns.”

Again, I think friends on both sides of the aisle (and on no-side) would agree that this is an intolerable status quo that should not continue.

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